Using technology to learn English

Posted: 2013 年 10 月 02 日 in Technology
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This is the very first article posted  on this blog with a main purpose of facilitating English learning and idea sharing. The following websites are categorized in perspective of language skills or fields of language learning. For instructors and advanced learners, you may go through these websites and find some food for thoughts. For others, please follow this blog because the author will demonstrate how to use technology to improve your language proficiency. Have fun!


  1. Google doc for collaborative writing and editing online; Google form for feedback collecting or testing

  2. Blogs:

  3. Teaching and learning platform:

  4. Shorten the website address:

  5. Glossary:

  6. Cloud storage and organization

  7. The more frequent the words, the bigger they appear.

  8. Creative Commons: CC

  9. Creating classroom games and activities

  1. Creating cartoons, e-books, and photo stories

  2. Creating newspapers, magazines, or magazine covers

  3. Action Maze and Hot Potatoes Sample:

  4. Teaching ideas

  5. Creative projects using pictures & photos

  1. Creative lessons with the music: a radio show

  2. Creating a movie

  3. Creating a survey

  4. Working with people of the world (

  5. Taking a virtual tour

  6. Technology in the classroom


  1. picture database of cats with funny captions

  2. commercial writing


  1. BBC learning English


  1. Movie and grammar exercise

  2. Grammar exercise


  1. watching MV and lyric-typing at the same time

  2. Listening materials with scripts, videos, slides, notes…

  3. Youtube: CBS Radio Mystery Theater

  4. Listening exercise for various levels and topics

  5. TED talks

  6. Youtube: RSA animate

  7. Youtube: the history of English 


  1. Simple English Wikipedia:

  2. The internet movie script databse (including South Park scripts for role-play)

  3. Lit2Go: Literature ready for use with MP3 files, PDF, .txt files and many more ready to use.

  4. Background knowledge and culture


  1. Adrian Underhill’s Interactive Phonemic Chart

  2. Phonetics: The Sounds of American English

  3. Praat: doing phonetics by computer

  4. Alien invader cosplay

  5. Famous speeches

  6. Lip sync battle


  1. collaborative editing platform for glossary

  2. word games online

  3. online collocation dictionary

  4. British National Corpus  ctrl + f to locate target words

  5. Candidate for a Pullet Surprise by Mark Eckman and Jerrold H. Zar

  6. Vocabulary test

  7. Answer more questions, donate more rice to the poor

  8. Common errors in English usage:

  9. Idioms with graphics and explanations

  10. idioms


  1. Google doc for simultaneous peer-editing

  2. Add text to create postcards, posters, ads, etc.

  3. Conversation ballons: superlame

  4. Images with short descriptions and links

  5. Interactive multiple-choice questions to address common writing problems

  6. Tripadvisor

  7. Grammar & composition

  8. Postcard exchange

 Comprehensive materials:

  1. VAK survey

  2. Watch videos, listen to texts, fill in blanks, recite texts with a bonus system!/index/all/all/easiest

  3. Pocketfilms: “The Desk” (7 mins) Pick a film; transcribe or produce a script; check the script; roleplay and make a film.

  1. Stop searching; start learning. Learning website database

  2. Breaking news English; professionally-tailored worksheets

  3. Audiobook for reading and listening

  4. TESL Journals, jokes, conversation questions

  5. Interactive games, esp word-based games (wbg)

  6. Visual-audio exercises for various topics for both instructors and learners; practical business writing samples in the right column

  7. handouts and resources for various topics and levels

  8. comprehensive materials, great for senior highs

  9. British Council

  10. Learn English in view of cultural differences

  11. BBC Learning English

  12. Englishpage

  13. Englishclub

  14. Grammar, vocabulary, background knowledge, quizzes in the left column

  1. Cathy Fowley 說道:

    This is a great post, with so much information and links! I will follow your blog with interest, and hope to read also about your classroom experiences. (and look, I found the comment button in Chinese, without using Google Translate…)

  2. 外二2 張廷嘉 說道:

    Hi, Teacher~
    I used “watching MV and lyric-typing at the same time" the first one I chose. cause I have interest in it.
    I learned many new vocabularies,and knowed many songs.Thanks youO_<

  3. benology0317 說道:

    Happy that you learned something here, and that’s the purpose of this blog. Soon, I will upload your singing rehearsal video on this blog so that you know how well you sing~^^

  4. 外二2 鍾歆禔 說道:

    Since l got to know so many resources from you, l have got my passion on learning English back.As a result,I have not been only checking the messages on FB,taking a look at news,and searching for my favorite items online,but also start to enrich the ability of writing articles directly and speaking English fluently.By the way,in all websites you had recommended,I like “Free rice"and"Lyrics training"the most.Moreover,I enrich my vocabulary , better my listening through these websites and even make my speed of typing English faster by accident.
    Ben,thank you a lot.Also thank god for for meeting you.We will not forget the moment you had taught us English.l think you will not forget,will you?
    Hope that we have chances to let you set more records and come up with more funny jokes!

    • benology0317 說道:

      What a great reply! Yeah~ maybe next year we will meet again in writing class~ Haha, you are right; you are my target class for record-breaking stuff! Thanks for your inspiring feedback. I will work on this blog enthusiastically because of you~~

  5. 外二2 廖敏晴 說道:

    I find the “Lyrics training"for a long time
    I chose the “Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me" I think the song is pretty good 🙂 I like it very much
    , and the MV is pretty good (The actor in it I think is handsome xD)

  6. 外二2 吳依璇 說道:

    Hi,Ben.I used the website called “watching MV and lyric-typing at the same time." It really helps me a lot.When the first time I surfed this website,I spent more than three hours playing it!! It is such an interesting website and I think I am really addicted to it,ha,ha! Also,I will try other websites you shared at my leisure.By the way,it is a pity that you just temporarily taught us,but I’m still grateful to you for your share of these useful websites.

  7. 外二2 陳亭安 說道:

    First, I need to thank you because you really taught us so much! I have known TED before you share it with us, but I seldom used it! After your introducing, I tried my best to form a habit to listen it! Besides, I also tried to surf the website called“Free Rice" ! Actually, I really want to give someone who need help a hand, but I don’t know what can I do for them:(. It’s a good way for me to reach my thought! Thank you! I’ll give all the resources that you shared a try! I think that learning English will be more interesting and flexible in my mind! Yeahhhhhhhhhhh! 🙂

  8. 外二2 王頤萱 說道:

    You gave me so many resources that I can learn English with technology.It’s very useful!
    I train my listening through “watching MV and lyric-typing at the same time," I cannot help saying that it is so awesome because I can improve not only the listening but the spelling ability.
    BTW, the website, Free Rice, is an excellent one, too.I have correctly answered hundreds questions. I’m glad I can help those in need by this way. It doesn’t need to take me too much time to help them; that is, I can help them in my daily free time.
    Though you just taught us for a brief time, all you shared with us is eternal.Thanks a lot.
    I’ll miss you^_^

  9. Every weekend i used to pay a visit this website,
    for the reason that i want enjoyment, since this this web
    site conations actually good funny data too.


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