1. Aptanagramy

Posted: 2013 年 10 月 04 日 in Logology
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In this section, a field of recreational linguistics called logology is presented. Simply stated, an introduction to wordplay in English aims to lead you to the witty exploitation of the meanings, forms, and ambiguities of words. Here, you may not only read between the lines, but also read between the words. The content and examples in this series of logology articles are mostly from Tyrannosaurus Lex written by Rod L. Evans in 2012. The author of this blog will condense the book and select examples specific to Taiwanese learners.

For instructors, an incorporation of wordplay in the classroom is highly recommended, especially when you are teaching vocabulary. It is very easy to take advantage of this blog as a part of your teaching. For example, you may ask your students to read the articles here, figure out the answers to exercises listed below, and share their answers in class. That is all! It will take no more than five minutes for each class and as a result it fits well in terms of the tight schedule in Taiwan. Based on the author’s classroom experience, it works wonders. For learners, you may follow this series of logology articles to have a better understanding of the fun side of vocabulary. Belt up! Here we go!


1 : Aptanagramy

Whole words can be hidden in other words by rearranging their letters, as when listen becomes silent. Such transformations are called anagrams. Aptanagramy refers to an extraordinary kind of anagrams. Namely, it is an anagram that forms an apt word, phrase, or sentence.

  1. a shoplifter = has to pilfer

  2. a telephone girl = repeating hello

  3. an ordained minister = I ranted, “Admire no sin!”

  4. angered = enraged

  5. antidemocratic = dictator came in

  6. asteroid threats = disaster to Earth

  7. astronomers = moon starers

  8. breasts = bra sets

  9. Christmas = trims cash

  10. considerate = care is noted

  11. election results = lie, let’s recount

  12. George W. Bush = he grew bogus

  13. I think; therefore, I am = I fear to think I’m here

  14. large breasts = great braless

  15. laxative = exit lava

  16. listen = silent

  17. mother-in-law = woman Hitler

  18. Osama bin Laden = a bad man (no lies)

  19. President Bush of the USA = a fresh one, but he’s stupid

  20. President Clinton of the USA = to copulate, he finds interns

  21. Princess Diana = end is a car spin; ascend in Paris

  22. punishment = nine thumps

  23. sycophant = acts phony

  24. tantrums = must rant


  1. dormitory = d____ r___

  2. eleven + two = t_____ + o__

  3. iPod lover = p___ d____

  4. ocean = c____

  5. orators hate = a s___ t_____

  6. rats and mice = __ cat’s _____

  7. television ads = en_____ i_____




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