2. Antigrams, Acronyms, & Bacronyms

Posted: 2013 年 10 月 13 日 in Logology
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Antigrams result when the letters of words or phrases are rearranged to form words or phrases opposite in meaning (antonyms). Compared with aptanagramy, antigrams are less common because they are meant to carry  contrary or opposite meanings.

  1. antagonist ←→ not against

  2. demoniacal ←→ a docile man

  3. Santa ←→ Satan

  4. violence ←→ nice love

  5. misfortune ←→ It’s more fun

  6. persecuted ←→ due respect

  7. within earshot ←→ I won’t hear this


  1. funeral ←→ r___ f__

  2. teacher ←→ ch_____


An acronym is an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word. For example, there are some acronyms used in names of commercial products such as Swatch (Swiss + watch) and Toshiba (Tokyo + Shibaura). On the other hand, if pronounced separately, it is called initialism. For example, BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corporation.

  1. laser = light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation

  2. zip = Zone Improvement Plan

  3. SPERM = social political economic religious military (method of categorizing historical events and ideas)

  4. TURD = timed universal rearward destroyer (an airburst bomb)


  1. radar = __________________________

  2. scuba = __________________________


A bacronym (backward + acronym) is literally an acronym but wasn’t originally an acronym. For example, many people mistake SOS for “Save our ship.” In fact, it was chosen because it is simple to express in Morse code (three dots, three dashes, three dots). It works pretty well because when people are in an emergency, every second counts. So, SOS can be erroneously seen as an acronym literally, but actually it is a typical bacronym.

Exercise: Please find out the stories behind the following bacronyms.

  1. Adidas

  2. Amber Alert

  3. Apgar score

  4. MRS. GREN




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