10. Silent letters & Spoken but unseen letters

Posted: 2013 年 11 月 20 日 in Logology

Much of modern English can be traced back to other languages such as Greek (ptomaine, psychology, pterodactyl) and French (rendezvous). Silent letters are difficult for students because they are not spelled the way they sound. Therefore, teachers are supposed to pinpoint the silent letters so as to enhance students’ awareness of the irregularity, particularly teaching pronunciations.

A: bread, liar

B: debt, thumb

C: Connecticut, indict, science

D: handsome, Wednesday

E: height, tape, steak

F: halfpenny

G: gnome, night, phlegm

H: bough, ghost, honor

I: business, thief, Sioux

J: rijsttafel

K: blackboard

L: Lincoln, talk

M: mnemonic

N: column, monsieur

O: country, people

P: cupboard, psychology, receipt, sapphire

Q: racquet

R: forecastle

S: aisle, debris, island, viscount

T: apostle, gourmet, listen

U: circuit, dough, gauge, plague

V: flivver, savvy

W: answer, two, wrist

X: faux pas, grand, prix, Sioux

Y: aye, crayon, prayer

Z: rendezvous


Spoken but unseen letters are the ones pronounced in a word without appearing in it.

A: bouquet

B: Peiping

C: seal

D: Taoism

E: quay

F: cough

G: janitor

H: Navajo

I: gypsy

J: gesticulate

K: cay

L: W-shaped

M: grandpa

N: comptroller

O: beau

P: hiccough

Q: cue

R: colonel

S: center

T: passed

U: ewe

V: of

W: once

X: necks

Y: wine

Z: xylem


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