21. Literordinyms & Word chains

Posted: 2013 年 12 月 28 日 in Logology

Literordinyms refer to words with three or sometimes four consecutive alphabetical letters. Some three-letter alphabetical sequences are common (such as DEF), but some are almost unheard of (such as XYZ).

  1. abcoulomb

  2. define

  3. coughing

  4. hijack

  5. somnolent

  6. gymnophobia

  7. first

  8. stupid

  9. hydroxyzine

Note that some words contain three-letter sequences that are in reverse alphabetical order.

  1. federal

  2. jihad

  3. coupon

  4. peanuts


Word chains refer to a wordplay that people change one word into a contrary or even an opposite word by changing one letter at a time. Such verbal transformations require a good deal of ingenuity or trial and error.

  1. We can change black to white.


  1. We can change lead into gold.


  1. We can change hate to love.


Exercise 1: Please change give to take.

Exercise 2: Please change poor to rich.




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