GRE template for argumentation

Posted: 2014 年 01 月 10 日 in Writing

There is a growing public concern over the issue of _____. At first glance, this opinion seems to be somewhat appealing, but further reflection tells me quite the other way. After contemplation, we see clearly the invalidity of this argument. Actually, the final judgment should rely on a case-by-case analysis, and I advocate that _____. My view can be greatly substantiated by the following discussions.

First and foremost, this argument rests on a gratuitous assumption that _____. The fact that A and B showed up together may be significant, but it could also be an innocent coincidence. In other words, these two incidents have no correlation between them. Frankly, I wonder what the root causes are. Have the investigator taken into consideration whether there is any other essential element, such as _____? Based on my experience, the factors trigger _____. Yet none of them are mentioned in _____. If it is really due to _____, then undoubtedly _____. But if _____ or _____ is the root cause of that, then we can draw a totally different conclusion. If the study omits something important, it may turn out fruitless. Any of these scenarios, if true, would show that _____. Therefore, this argument is unwarranted without ruling out such possibility. In fact, human beings are prone to making the inaccurate causal correlations. In specific, they tend to be influenced by the vividness and immediacy of what they see, and adhere strongly to their beliefs, even in the face of the contradictory evidence. Hence the author should contemplate more aspects and do further studies to make his statement more conceivable.

Second of all, the evidence is insufficient to support the conclusion. So far, the investigators only provide one survey that _____. As I see it, these samples may not be diverse and representative enough to bolster the conclusion that _____. It could take more than twenty years to sort out all the scientific issues related to _____. Unless more empirical evidence is uncovered, we should not jump to such a broad conclusion about _____. Strictly speaking, in face of such limited evidence, it is fallacious to draw any conclusion at all.

In the third place, the argument has also committed a false analogy fallacy. The author infers that _____ on the grounds that _____. Known to everyone, time keeps changing, so does the circumstance. As I see it, what worked for _____ in the past will not necessarily work for _____ in the future. _____ and _____ may have different backgrounds and conditions. For instance, these two _____ may have different _____, such as _____, _____, and so on.

Fourthly, the conclusion unjustifiably relies on the poll while the validity of the survey is in doubt. Was it conducted by the authoritative institute? Has the study ever been published in a credible journal? If not, I would doubt the legitimacy of the study. Any assertion supported by this unreliable study would not be persuasive.

Finally, to fully evaluate the argument, we need to ask the following questions. _____. Unless the author presents the more concrete answers for these questions, the argument is not conceivable.

To sum up, when the pros and cons of A and B are carefully examined, the most striking conclusion is obvious that _____. Admittedly, it may be true that _____ in some conditions. Nevertheless, this alone does not constitute a sufficient support to claim that _____. So far, the conclusion is solely based on the assumption and hypothesis without physical evidence. Apparently, in order to make the argument logically acceptable, the author should demonstrate, instead of his belief and observation, a reliable investigation with statistics and successful cases. Before such solid evidence is found, we may not be comfortable to declare that _____. The arguer should also illustrate that _____ to make this argument favorable. Since the author commits the logical mistakes and fails to consider the whole situation comprehensively, his ideas should not be adopted. Due to the above-mentioned reasons, which sometimes intertwine to form an organic whole and thus become more cogent, we may safely arrive at the conclusion I support— _____.



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