Model sentences–2. 擁有/缺少/解釋/因果/舉例

Posted: 2014 年 01 月 10 日 in Writing

IV. 擁有

1.      There is a growing need for trained doctors and nurses.

2.      There are many people who prefer to prepare and eat food at home.

3.      There are many options for shopping in this city with something to suit everybody’s taste.

4.      Being an only child has both advantages and disadvantages.

5.      Computers have a wide array/variety/range/number/series/collection of applications.

6.      There are several types of trees in the garden.

7.      Satellites are of different kinds and have different purposes: communications, weather observation, navigational aids.

8.      Museums and their collections are of several kinds: general, historical, scientific, regional, commercial.

9.      London’s shops trade in anything imaginable: from hand-made crafts to rare books; from 17th century antiques to pets, and much more.

10.  This is a cosmopolitan city with plenty to see and do.

11.  Researchers knew that the drug was not without danger.

12.  We cannot do without computers.

13.  With a little effort, just about any child can learn to enjoy books.

14.  Without cars and trucks, there will be no accidents.

V. 缺少

1.      The boy lacks confidence.

2.      The plant died for lack of water.

3.      The Japanese government seems to be short on ideas and leadership.

4.      There is no shortage of good sales books.

VI. 解釋

1.      Because some people have a close relationship with their pets, they treat their pets as members of their family.

2.      Since students are increasingly turning to electronic means for information gathering, a website has been used to disseminate the messages to students.

3.      Given the potential benefits of using case studies for communication research, this article discusses the RS Campaign as a case study of a successful drinking prevention campaign.

4.      When people succeed, it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success.

5.      That is why many schools offer a variety of hands-on learning experience.

6.      I like to read this newspaper. One reason is that the news is always reported accurately.

7.      One of the reasons for his success is that he takes one step at a time; he never aims to reach the top in a single session.

8.      The reason should be obvious: he doesn’t engage in the excesses of Dennis Rodman.

9.      People listen to music for different reasons and at different times.

10.  There are many reasons why many women are waiting until they are 30 years old or older to have their first baby.

11.  International students usually list three primary reasons for choosing to study abroad.

12.  Just because he is a policeman doesn’t mean he won’t ever break the law.

VII. 因果

1.      For this reason, scientists agree that objectivity is a practical impossibility.

2.      He bought the encyclopedia for studying at home.

3.      A pet is generally kept for pleasure.

4.      As a result, we have a choice of studying at home.

5.      Many people are unemployed as a result of the economic slump.

6.      Sometimes success in life comes from taking risks or chances.

7.  Oil prices have rocketed, thanks to a record output this year.

8.  His negligence may have contributed to the disaster.

9.  These accidents can be attributed to drunk driving.

10.  The increasing longevity of human beings is attributable to improved health care, environmental sanitation, and the control of communicable diseases.

11.  Toxic chemicals released into the air are the blame for some of mankind’s diseases.

12.  This incident gave rise to speculation about his health.

13.  More attention to road safety can result in a decrease in accidents.

14.  This information leads to the arrest of the criminals.

15.  That commercial induced me to buy the expensive jacket.

16.  The report prompted me to write to him.

VIII. 舉例

1.      For example, academic competitions such as quizzes, exams, science fairs, force young people to work hard. (for instance, for one thing)

2.      A notorious example was Salomon Brother’s attempt to corner the Treasure securities market.

3.      Based on my experience and observation, I have learned that “fun” is also a great motivator.

4.      Corporations are showing increasing ethical awareness. 3M has been a leader in waste-reduction efforts with its “3P’s” program. McDonald’s responded quickly to consumer demands to replace styrene packaging with paper. Volkswagen and BMW are making efforts to create recyclable automobiles. These ongoing efforts illustrate corporate commitment to a healthy natural environment.



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