Model sentences–3. 引證/推理/注意

Posted: 2014 年 01 月 10 日 in Writing

IX. 引證

1.     According to a recent report, the government will provide tax incentives and other financial inducements to encourage companies to relocate here.

2.     Most financial planners stress it is important for young students to educate themselves on money management skills, including the appropriate use of credit cards.

3.     Experts around the world agree that the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, must be reduced.

4.     The World Bank estimates that air pollution causes nearly millions of deaths worldwide each year.

5.     Research shows that by the year 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population will be affected by water shortages.

6.     Studies have shown that academic competition such as SAT, or GRE has become a much hated word for some college-bound youngsters.

X. 推理

1.    As a consumer, we may run into all kinds of problems.

2.    One day we will be able to travel to other stars and encounter extraterrestrial life.

3.    It is possible that by the year 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population will be affected by water shortages.

4.    It is not certain that we can mortgage this house for a loan.

5.    If you take risks, you may get an A or an F on a creative assignment.

6.    If current rates of habitat destruction continue, we may destroy half the world’s currently living species within the next 100 years.

7.    If nothing is done, our ecosystems will be damaged beyond repair.

8.    But if you play it safe, chances are that you will always get just a safe, average grade.

9.    Chances are good that the factors affecting amphibians are also taking a toll on other species.

10.  Maybe if you build cars people really want, you don’t have to give them away.

11.  Sometimes we must first attend to staples, like food and clothing and dreams come second.

12.  People who eat a balanced diet are more likely to live longer and healthy lives.

13.  There might also be pressures at home from well-meaning parents who frequently express their expectations that the student will get good grades, meet all responsibilities well and on time, and participate in family activities.

14.  Female athletes tend to attribute failure to their lack of effort or skill while male athletes point to external factors such as luck or the strength of the opposition.

15.  Today’s companies must think globally; if they fail to keep up, they will be swallowed up. It will work as long as you follow my advice.

16.  As long as the government can keep the dollar from falling in value, the economy will improve.

17.  When a computer is hooked up to the Internet, there’s no end to the answers available to the inquisitive mind.

18.  Once you get to the articles, it’s easy to search for entries by keyword or browse by topic.

19.  Whether you like it or not, you have to exercise regularly.

20.  Shopping can be an exciting experience, whether you are buying or browsing.

21.  Whether promoting a product or a person, an advertising campaign is most effective when it appeals to emotion rather than to reason.

22.  Whether riding a train, taking a lunch break, or just walking down the street, you have instant access to banking services 24 hours a day.

23.  By obtaining a good education, an individual is able to select the field that he or she wants to enter, regardless of his or her economic background or social position.

24.  No matter what I say, she always thinks I’m wrong.

25.  Notwithstanding/Despite the rise in prices, luxury cars are still much in demand.

26.  Unless the author takes this factor into consideration, the argument is not persuasive.

27.  They must realize what’s happening, or else the company will collapse.

28.  We had a good time, except that the weather was cold.

29.  He wouldn’t give me the money, even if I begged for it.

XI. 注意

1.      Scholars have noted that in this society human needs rather than economic productivity determine social worth.

2.      Teachers, parents and administrators who support regular homework for students point out that it is a device for keeping the home and school in touch.

3.      People are concerned about the following aspects of a job, namely, the workplace, the salary, the time involved, the skills needed, and the job-titles.

4.      You should pay attention to your teacher.

5.      I can’t keep your mind on what I’m doing.

6.      These students are intensely focused on their instructors’ words.

7.      The conference will focus on the issue of environmental protection.

8.      His article drew attention to the lack of funding in adult education.

9.      The figure calls attention to the famine in Africa.

10.  The report highlights the seriousness of the problem.




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