Rhetoric–A2: Metonymy & Synecdoche

Posted: 2014 年 01 月 23 日 in Rhetoric

III. Metonymy

  1. The hall applauded.
  2. The kettle boils.
  3. The lamp is burning.
  4. He tasted this dish.
  5. The chairman called the house to order.
  6. He drank the cup off at a draught.
  7. Grey hair should be respected.
  8. The caravans trundled across miles of empty sands.
  9. It’s nice here in the shade!
  10. The skinheads have constituted a social problem in the West.
  11. He succeeded to the crown/throne.
  12. He rose and addressed the chair.
  13. The bench gave a hearing to the bar.
  14. He deserves the palm.
  15. What is learned in the cradle is carried to the grave.
  16. His pen sways over half of the civilized world.
  17. The pen is mightier than the sword.
  18. He prefers a hoe to a golf club.
  19. Every school needs a head.
  20. The press is becoming more and more the vehicle of opinion.
  21. Give every man thine ears, bid few thy voice.
  22. They decided to apply the axe to non-productive expenditures.
  23. He has a ready tongue.
  24. White House/ Kremlin/ Solomon/ John Bull/ Uncle Sam/ Hitler/ Romeo/ Judas/ Wall Street/ Waterloo/ Eden/ big chick/ old lady/ the bird on the dollar
  25. We drove a Ford to Hyde Park.
  26. He had fallen in possession of a complete Shakespeare.
  27. He has read Byron.

IV. Synecdoche

  1. I heard this from the lips of my friends.
  2. On the stage, we can see a sea of faces.
  3. There are about one hundred hands in his factory.
  4. Great minds think alike.
  5. He stayed under the roof for ten days.
  6. The school is not empowered to administer corporal punishment to students.
  7. In the match England has won.
  8. They have gained a footing in the cultural world.
  9. He sets a good table.
  10. She is a good girl at her needle.
  11. He began to do sums when he was five years old.
  12. Did you see the cutthroat?
  13. It is a pity that there is more ignorance than knowledge in our country.
  14. Daniel Jones was an authority on English phonetics.
  15. His father was buried under this stone.
  16. He was bound in irons for three months.
  17. The marble speaks before the silent looker-on.
  18. Shanghai is the Paris of the East.
  19. She is the Venus of Suzhou.





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