Rhetoric–C3: Gradation, Catchword repetition, & Zeugma

Posted: 2014 年 01 月 23 日 in Rhetoric
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VI. Gradation (climax & anticlimax)

  1. The audience smiled, chuckled, and finally howled.
  2. I am sorry. I am so sorry. I am so extremely sorry.
  3. The book has a power, so to speak, a very exceptional power in fact, one may say without exaggeration it is the most powerful book of the month.
  4. Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested.
  5. He has gone; he has escaped; he has broken away.
  6. We honored him, we trusted him, and we loved him.
  7. Let’s face it. Let’s talk sense to the American people. Let’s tell them that there are no gains without pains.
  8. I came. I saw. I conquered.
  9. David was a great statesman, a great warrior, a great poet, and a skillful performer on the harp.
  10. She fears thunder and lightning, she fears dogs and cats, she fears moths and caterpillars.

VII. Catchword Repetition

  1. Now, what I want is, facts. Teach these boys and girls nothing but facts. Facts alone are wanted in life.
  2. Success breeds complacency; complacency breeds laziness; laziness breeds failure.
  3. Margot looked at them both and they both saw that she was going to cry.
  4. Three fishers went sailing out into the West. Out into the West, as the sun went down.

VIII. Zeugma

  1. weeping eyes and hearts; to wage war and peace; …when I and my sorrows are dust.
  2. This murderer killed the boy and his parents’ only hope.
  3. She opened the door and her heart to the homeless boy.
  4. At noon Mrs. Turpin would get out of bed and humor, put on the kimono, and the water to boil for coffee.
  5. He picked up his hat and his courage.
  6. He lost the game and his temper.
  7. She dropped a tear and her pocket handkerchief.
  8. He halted in the district where by night are found the lightest street, hearts, vows and librettos.
  9. He swallowed bread and butter and a spasm of emotion.
  10. He caught a bus and a cold.



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