Rhetoric–C4: Aposiopesis, Ellipsis, Quotation, & Apostrophe

Posted: 2014 年 01 月 23 日 in Rhetoric
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IX. Aposiopesis

  1. It is for you to accept the things. Supposing you refuse–
  2. My God! If the police come…, find me here…
  3. You’d better do it or else…
  4. “If I see him so much as put his foot on the grass…,” he thought.
  5. Augustus: By no means, madam. It matters very much indeed. If this spy were to obtain possession of the list, Blueloo would tell the story at every dinner table in London; and…      The Lady: And you might lose your post. Of course.

X. Ellipsis

  1. The scenery was beautiful, and the acting superb.
  2. I went to Oxford as one goes into exile; she to London.
  3. Let those who can serve as teachers.
  4. If not today, tomorrow I am sure you will get an answer.
  5. John opened the door, Harry was waiting, they drove away.
  6. He felt no fear: he was a brave man.
  7. He was busy, he could not come.
  8. Small showers last long, sudden storms are short.
  9. Augustus: Hello! Who are you?

The Clerk: The staff.

Augustus: You the staff! What do you mean, man?

The Clerk: What I say. There isn’t anybody else.

Augustus: Where are the others?

The Clerk: At the front.

Augustus: Quite right. Most proper. Why aren’t you at the front?

The Clerk: Overage. Fifty-seven.

 XI. Quotation

  1. As the proverb says, “To know someone by repute is not as good as meeting him face to face” or “Seeing is believing.”
  2. There is a proverb, “Sing different songs on different mountains.”
  3. It is truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.
  4. You want your pound of flesh, don’t you?
  5. And the discovery that she was the owner of a disposition so purely that of the dog in the manger had something in it which at first made her ashamed.

 XII. Apostrophe

  1. Can you see me, papa? I’m your own little girl. If this isn’t your bed, you can look down and know the flowers are meant for you, and know this is your little girl, and she loves you.
  2. O Cuckoo! Shall I call thee bird.   Or but a wonderful voice?
  3. Oh, Tiber!…You’d only be a suckling in that mighty land! And as for you, sweet Thames, flow gently till I end my song: flow gently, gentle Thames, speak softly and politely, Little Thames, flow gently till I end my song.



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