Using exact words: 1. Introduction

Posted: 2014 年 03 月 18 日 in Using exact words

Using Exact Words系列文章共四篇,每篇皆有25句用來解析常用單字的替換用法,如It’s a big problem.→It’s a big hurdle.,因為hurdle有跨欄的涵義,可具體展現problem的概念,像hurdle這種more graphic, powerful, persuasive的單字常見於英美各大報紙,也常用於專業商務人士的溝通,Dr. William A. Vance of Yale University將這類單字稱為“winner’s vocabulary”。

阿賓拜讀語研學院出版的偷看耶魯大師的單字講義” (William A. Vance, 2013),發現內容很適合台灣高中職程度的學生學習,若熟用則可同時增進字彙與寫作能力,故整理成簡單講義供教學之用,每篇皆有25題例句,文末附上參考解答,老師們看解答後應可大致理解為何替換用字較好,若仍有疑義,備課請參閱該書,有詳細解釋與更多例句和補充用法。

教學方法可將學生分組,將例句當翻譯練習或作業,讓學生英譯中後想出或找出更精準的用字來代替目標字,一來翻譯可督促學生去了解句意(learn from the context),二來有助於推敲目標字的同義字。如老師們有其他教法願意分享,也請不吝賜教,謝謝!

  1. Their marketing budget will be reduced next year.
  2. The manager told his goals to the team.
  3. We try to finish by December.
  4. Parents want to make a better future for their children.
  5. She said that August is the slowest month for business.
  6. She hurried to find an answer to the question.
  7. The first action toward good health is to exercise regularly.
  8. Let’s see the situation from another angle.
  9. The automobile industry has several challenges.
  10. John is the important person on the team.
  11. It is hard to discover the source of the noise.
  12. What kind of schedule do you have in mind?
  13. I want to emphasize our company’s experience in manufacturing.
  14. He will report us on the project at the meeting.
  15. He will send you an email with his comment.
  16. The due date is three p.m.
  17. Given this situation, I support David’s suggestion.
  18. The school decreased its staff by ten percent.
  19. The economic future in Australia is worsening.
  20. Our engineer led the development of the software.
  21. The research will pay attention to air pollution.
  22. You should make your presentation better with some pictures.
  23. Cancer survival depends on early treatment.
  24. The complaints suggest problems in our customer service.
  25. Let me see if I can find that information.


1. cut 2. share…with 3. aim 4. build 5. noted
6. raced 7. step 8. view 9. faces 10. key
11. pinpoint 12. timeline 13. highlight 14. update 15. feedback
16. deadline 17. background 18. downsized 19. outlook 20. spearheaded
21. focus on 22. jazz…up 23. hinges on 24. point to 25. track down


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