Using exact words: 4

Posted: 2014 年 03 月 18 日 in Using exact words
  1. She chose to respond to the complaint by email.
  2. High energy prices threaten to disturb the Japanese economy.
  3. The city developed a plan to reduce the risk of accidents.
  4. She thinks we’re heading in the right way.
  5. My schedule for next week is able to change.
  6. The base of effective negotiation is trust.
  7. The costs are higher than we expected.
  8. The secretary’s behavior is strange/confusing.
  9. Could you make clear your point?
  10. The meeting makes/causes/produces a lot of good ideas.
  11. Our hospital has entered the area of AIDS research.
  12. There were a large number of emails.
  13. He helped her with the practical details of starting a store in London.
  14. My career has taken me on an unusual path.
  15. He has the necessary skill to do the job.
  16. The business environment in Korea is difficult to understand and deal with.
  17. Since our budget is tight, we must save on travel.
  18. Let me try to plan/arrange a compromise.
  19. I’d like to use your sales experience for this project.
  20. Every company wants to increase its profits.
  21. The report supported his claims about age discrimination.
  22. The lower price was the cause for increased sales.
  23. The agenda for our meeting should become definite by Friday.
  24. The survey included a wide range of people.
  25. The diagram contains our plans for next year.


1. elected 2. derail 3. strategy 4. direction 5. flexible
6. foundation 7. envisioned 8. puzzling 9. clarify 10. generates
11. arena 12. astronomical 13. mechanics 14. trajectory 15. expertise
16. navigate 17. economize 18. orchestrate 19. leverage 20. maximize
21. buttress 22. catalyst 23. crystalize 24. encompassed 25. encapsulates


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