Using exact words: 2

Posted: 2014 年 03 月 18 日 in Using exact words
  1. Their success comes from solid planning.
  2. We looked over your plan and have some questions.
  3. The staff will solve the technical problems.
  4. The town tried hard to find a location for the mall.
  5. Workers are preparing for a fight over pensions.
  6. Our decision is given power by governmental regulations.
  7. Commuters begin to rush into the station around seven a.m.
  8. The government started a website for consumer complaints.
  9. She quickly understood the importance of the results.
  10. How can we connect the gap between our plans and budget?
  11. Housing prices will rise in the next three years.
  12. The stock market fell on Tuesday.
  13. We need to evaluate the benefits of advertising against its costs.
  14. Our customers vary from students to retired people.
  15. He tried to move the conversation away from politics.
  16. Our department has been busy with job applications.
  17. They understand the limit of the project.
  18. The recession may help new economic policies.
  19. It’s difficult to judge their level of interest.
  20. The trade surplus has been helping economic growth.
  21. We have no certain/definite information at this time.
  22. How could we change the magazine’s content to increase sales?
  23. The government began a big rescue operation.
  24. Thank you for your fast/quick reply to my email.
  25. The business condition will improve next year.


1. stems from 2. examined 3. iron out 4. wrestled with 5. gearing up
6. driven 7. flood 8. launched 9. grasped 10. bridge
11. soar 12. plunged 13. weigh 14. range 15. steer
16. swamped 17. scope 18. spur 19. gauge 20. fueling
21. concrete 22. tweak 23. mammoth 24. speedy 25. climate


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