Using exact words: 3

Posted: 2014 年 03 月 18 日 in Using exact words
  1. Computer technology has improved our ability to treat cancer.
  2. The boss said that he was unhappy with our progress.
  3. We need to direct more money into advertising.
  4. Most citizens approved the government’s efforts to lower taxes.
  5. Nokia has got fifteen percent of the market.
  6. We need advice on completing the tax form.
  7. Public opposition to the sales tax began to appear.
  8. The effect of the president’s comments was dramatic.
  9. The translation of the manual should be improved.
  10. The seminar aims at new employees.
  11. I need to think about the information.
  12. It is important to improve your leadership skills.
  13. He told me the news.
  14. At our next meeting, we will deal with school safety.
  15. We arrange/organize the meeting so that Peter spoke first.
  16. She always wants to search all options before deciding.
  17. The committee listened to a lot/variety/range/sum/collection of opinions.
  18. Our ways to measure include: number of new customers, website traffic, and monthly profit.
  19. I wanted to inform you of changes in emergency procedures.
  20. The culture barrier is a major problem.
  21. We will make/design a seminar to meet your requirements.
  22. She is doing a lot of things right now.
  23. The commercial shows our desire to reach women.
  24. We have reached a critical stage in the negotiations.
  25. We will consider your proposal again next year.


1. sharpened 2. signaled 3. channel 4. applauded 5. captured
6.guidance 7. surface 8. impact 9. polished 10. targets
11.digest 12. strengthen 13. relayed 14. address 15. structure
16. explore 17. spectrum 18. metrics 19. alert…to 20. hurdle
21. tailor 22. juggling 23. reflects 24. juncture 25. revisit


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