Chinese medicine: 4. New medicine

Posted: 2014 年 03 月 26 日 in Chinese medicine

New Medicine

     In fact, physicians in the Far East now blend Chinese theories and Western technology, Chinese therapy and Western diagnosis. Their combination has formed a comprehensive system of medical care called the “New Medicine.” Eastern physicians use x-rays, blood and urine analysis, electrocardiograms, biochemical labs and other technology to improve their diagnostic methods, while at the same time relying on ancient, time-tested Chinese methods of treatment for common ills.

     For the traveler who has long suffered from nagging backache, persistent rheumatism, chronic fatigue, throbbing shoulder, “trick” knee, sluggish digestion or other problems, a visit to the right physician during a trip to Taiwan may hold unexpected benefits. Bona fide stories of satisfied customers are common.

     In one instance, a Lebanese tycoon visiting Taipei on business was incapacitated by a recurring ailment in his lower spine. Unable to walk, he had to conduct his business from a suite at the Taipei Hilton. A sympathetic Chinese associate enlisted the services of a doctor who specialized in treating spinal injuries. Treated with a combinationof tui-na massage, external herbal poultices and internal herbal brews, the Lebanese businessman recovered and was back on his feet in two days.

     A year later, the condition struck the tycoon again. He called Taipei long-distance and begged the doctor to fly immediately to Beirut, but the physician declined in deference to his obligations to his daily local patients. Undaunted by the refusal, the Lebanese man flew back to Taipei for further therapy. After several long-distance medical visits, his chronic debility was entirely eliminated.

    In another case personally witnessed by the author, two petite Chinese women half-carried, half-dragged an elderly New York matron into the clinic of Dr. Tom Huang in Taipei. She was in tears and excruciating pain, but balked at approaching the doctor’s couch as if being dragged to sacrificial slaughter on the altar of a tribal witch doctor. She gasped that she suffered from a slipped disc that had plagued her for more than 20 years. “No problem,” said Dr. Huang as he rolled up his sleeves, turned the woman over on her stomach and loosened her skirt. With three masterly probes he located the slipped disc, then applied tui-na massage for a half-hour, gently but firmly pushing and rubbing the exposed ligament back between the discs. Then he applied a powerful herbal poultice and asked her to return the following day.

    By the end of her second treatment, the woman was a convert to Chinese medicine. She actually embraced Dr. Huang and cried: “It’s a miracle! For 20 years my doctors back home have given me nothing but pain pills and told me to stay in bed, but you make me feel like a new person in only two days. I can actually walk straight again!”




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