Using technology to learn English (simplified version)

Posted: 2014 年 05 月 09 日 in Technology


  1.  Google form for feedback collecting or testing
  3.  Teaching and learning platform:
  4.  Shorten the website address:
  6.  Cloud storage and
  7.  The more frequent the words, the bigger they appear.
  8.  Creative Commons: CC
  9.  Working with people of the (


  1.  picture database of cats with funny captions
  2.  commercial writing

ESP: BBC learning English


  1.  Movie and grammar exercise
  2.  Grammar exercise


  1.    watching MV and lyric-typing at the same time
  2.    Listening materials with scripts, videos, slides, notes…
  3.    Youtube: CBS Radio Mystery Theater
  4.    Listening exercise for various levels and topics
  5.    TED talks
  6.    Youtube: RSA animate
  7.    Youtube: the history of English


  1.  Simple English Wikipedia:
  2.  The internet movie script databse (including South Park scripts for role-play)
  3.  Lit2Go: Literature ready for use with MP3 files, PDF, .txt files and many more ready to use.
  4.  Background knowledge and culture


  1.  Praat: doing phonetics by computer
  2.  Alien invader cosplay
  3.  Famous speeches
  4.  Lip sync battle


  1.  collaborative editing platform for glossary
  2.  word games online
  3.  online collocation dictionary
  4.  British National Corpus  ctrl + f to locate target words
  5.  Candidate for a Pullet Surprise by Mark Eckman and Jerrold H. Zar
  6.  Vocabulary test
  7.  Answer more questions, donate more rice to the
  8.  Common errors in English usage:
  9.  Idioms with graphics and explanations
  10.  idioms


  1.  Google doc for simultaneous peer-editing
  2.  Add text to create postcards, posters, ads,
  3.  Conversation ballons: superlame
  4.  Images with short descriptions and links
  5.  Interactive multiple-choice questions to address common writing problems
  6.  Tripadvisor
  7.  Grammar & composition
  8.  Postcard exchange

Comprehensive materials

  1.  VAK survey VAK survey
  2.  Watch videos, listen to texts, fill in blanks, recite texts:!/index/all/all/easiest
  3.  Pocketfilms: “The Desk” (7 mins)
  4.  Stop searching; start learning. Learning website database
  5.  Breaking news English; professionally-tailored worksheets
  6.  Audiobook for reading and listening
  7.  TESL Journals, jokes, conversation questions
  8.  Interactive games, esp word-based games (wbg)
  9.  Visual-audio exercises for various topics; practical business writing samples in the right column
  10.  handouts and resources for various topics and levels
  11.  comprehensive materials, great for senior highs
  12. British Council
  13.  Learn English in view of cultural differences
  14. Grammar, vocabulary, background knowledge, quizzes in the left column


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