Asia’s animal zodiac: 3. Tiger & rabbit

Posted: 2014 年 05 月 26 日 in Asia horoscopes

Tiger People (1926-1938-1950-1962-1974-1986-1998-2010-2022)

One thing about which you can be sure of in a tiger-year personality is that he has a high opinion of himself! Tigers are magnetic characters, rebels against authority, possessed of great charm and self-assurance. But they are also vain, reckless and selfish.

The tiger holds an honorable and ancient place in Asian folklore. He is regarded as king of beasts, and is often portrayed with power to save man from evil, fire or robbers. He is, therefore, considered lucky, a symbol of power and grander. A tiger talisman was considered potent against almost any ailment.

Tiger women are considered alluring and captivating, not materialistic, but very headstrong. They are felt to be fighters against convention and have a reputation for their many romantic affairs ending unhappily. They do not like to be dependent on others. For these reasons, tiger girls are not considered to be good marriage prospects. The tiger man is capable of deep love and devotion, although his desire for occasional solitude is often not understood. He is an exciting lover but demands total loyalty in return. He thrives on freshness and challenging situations in every aspect of life. In business, he is better off on his own as he is not a “team person” and tends to resist any imposed authority. He can do well in a military career, as an explorer, gangster or inspiring leader. In business, he needs a good helper to back him up with the details as long-term application is not to his taste. He is generally unconcerned with money, but enjoys spending it and is often able to make a lot. In marriage, a tiger person is not generally happy as he is easily bored. His sensitive, happy and warm characteristics have great appeal but his short-temper, selfishness and stubborn vanity work against close, long-term relationships.

He gets on best with the honesty of horse people, the faithfulness of dogs or the strong, prudent dragon. The mischievous monkey, who will tease him, the strong, unromantic buffalo, or cunning snake make bad partners.

Famous tigers include Ho Chi Minh, Eisenhower and de Gaulle, Karl Marx, Zueen Elizabeth II, Marco Polo, Beethoven, Marilyn Monroe and Lola Montez.

Rabbit or Hare People—the Vietnamese substitute the cat for this sign (1927-1939-1951-1963-1975-1987-1999-2011-2023)

The year of the rabbit is generally considered by the Chinese to be a good time to be born. Rabbit people are happy, talented, lucky, affectionate and kind. They love to help others and are tactful and ambitious. On the other hand, they have the reputation for being shy, superficial or over sentimental, conservative and pedantic.

Rabbit men are generally attractive to women, are great mixers and like social situations. They make friends easily, and establish lasting relationships. The husband of this sign treats his wife and children with consideration and likes a quiet life at home. A possible weakness is the rabbit’s love of gambling.

The woman of this year has good taste, is a fine hostess and housekeeper, but may be a gossip. She also may be a show-off and have a tendency to cry easily when upset.

In marriage, the rabbit person needs a considerate partner, such as the artistic goat, cultured pig or honest, protective dog. Less successful would be relationships with another rabbit or dragon. Worst of all, is life with the superficial rat or boastful rooster, both of whom can exacerbate the rabbit type.

Rabbit people usually do well in business due to their astuteness in weighing up all possible factors. They succeed in trade, finance or other dealings but also can shine in politics, diplomacy or philosophy due to their combination of tact, humanity and talent for working things through.

Famous rabbit people include Queen Victoria, Stalin, Castro, Confucius, Eva Peron, Marie Antoinette, Garibaldi, Einstein and Martin Luther King.




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