Asia’s animal zodiac: 5. Horse & goat

Posted: 2014 年 05 月 26 日 in Asia horoscopes

Horse People (1930-1942-1954-1966-1978-1990-2002-2014-2026)

Horse-year people are generally liked for their wisdom, cheerfulness, confidence and eloquence. They can be quick witted, noble and proud as well as skilled with money. On the other hand, they can be selfish, weak, capricious, sometimes too talkative and often showy.

The Chinese consider the horse-year to be a good sign for boys and a disastrous one for girls. Horse-sign men are sociable and gregarious, have sex appeal and are good dressers and talkers. They prefer to give advice rather than to take it, however, and, in the home, can be possessive and selfish.

Horse women have the reputation for being showy and lovers of beautiful things. They may be sentimental but are often romantically unstable. Many Chinese believe horse women to be gossipy, argumentative, willful and stubborn.

In love, horse-year people may be rather weak, giving all and often being let down by other signs who dislike their possessiveness.

In business, things are good for the horse who often succeeds in finance or commerce, especially if he has a dog-year partner. Even better is a career in show business or politics, where the horse person’s natural cunning and persuasive ability with words are assets.

Horse people are generally compatible with tigers, goats or dogs, but should avoid other horses, oxen or rabbit people. Worst of all, is an association with a rat personality.

Among famous horse personalities are Billy Graham, Greta Garbo, N. Khruschev, Rembrandt, Charlemagne, Roosevelt, Pasteur, Issac Newton, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Erica Jong and Paul McCartney.

Goat People (1931-1943-1955-1967-1979-1991-2003-2015-2027)

People born under the sign of the goat have a generally favorable image in the Asian belief. They are placid, if sometimes impractical, dreamers. Frequently gifted in the arts, talented and intelligent, they can be elegant in dress, usually have good taste and are generous, gentle and honest. They are among the wisest of the animal signs, but they also can be shy, pessimistic, inarticulate and dependent on others.

Goat-year men are well-mannered, but can seem vulnerable. Being generally uncompetitive, they are too nice for commerce and can be insecure in high positions. But they can make excellent business partners, as people trust them and they are reliable. It is in the arts that goat people are at their best, acting, or designing, as painters or architects. Some statesmen are found under this sign as they generally have a strong community sense.

Women of goat year are amorous yet virtuous and noted for their lack of punctuality. They like home life and domesticity but are generally not well organized and goat people make warm-hearted, but weak parents. They are usually well liked by friends, to whom they are loyal and consistent.

People of this sign associate well with affectionate rabbit people, lucky pigs or helpful horses, but they are wise to keep away from oxen, dogs, or rat people.

There are many famous goat-year show business personalities—Rudolph Valentino, Laurence Olivier, Douglas Fairbanks, Margot Fontein, Leslie Caron, Mick Jagger, also artists such as Michelangelo and statesmen Mussolini and Clement Attlee.




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