Asia’s animal zodiac: 6. Monkey & rooster

Posted: 2014 年 05 月 26 日 in Asia horoscopes

Monkey People (1932-1944-1956-1968-1980-1992-2004-2016-2028)

The monkey enjoys an affectionate place in Asian folk legend. So it is in life, where everyone likes the high spirited monkey-year person. Humorous  and full of fun, inventive and original, monkey people seem to do well in whatever they choose, for they have good memories and a thirst for knowledge, which they employ brilliantly in solving any type of problem. They are often successful in business, having a good financial sense. They make good entrepreneurs, politicians and con-men. Their creativity finds a wonderful outlet in writing or art. Their adverse characteristics include being impatient and inconsistent, egotistical and selfish. They can be vain, argumentative, sly and tend to treat truth lightly.

Monkey-year men are generally charming and witty but they can be disdainful and unreliable. Women of this sign have the reputation of being passionate characters, untidy but creative, with little desire to settle down to dull domesticity.

In love, monkey people are often unhappy. They fall in, and out of, love easily, and may have a tendency towards unfaithfulness. They are easily discouraged and often end up alone in life. Monkey personalities should avoid relationships with those born in the years of the snake, pig, and especially the tiger.

Among famous monkey-year politicians were U.S. Presidents Truman and Johnson; also Chamberlain and Julius Caesar. Among the many monkey people in the arts are Leonardo da Vinci, Gaugin, Milton, Byron, Dickens, Dumas, Scott Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Taylor and Buster Keyton. The Marquis de Sade also was born in a monkey year.

Rooster People (1933-1945-1957-1969-1981-1993-2005-2017-2029)

In character, rooster people show considerable contrast. They are cocksure and like to be cock of the walk, full of show with the conviction of their own abilities, but underneath they tend to be unsure, or even insecure. Their good features include being deep thinkers, capable workers, courageous, devoted, interesting and frank. They tend to be full of zest and fun and always busy—although not always successful. Their bad points are arrogance, selfishness, and suspicion of others. Rooster people can be moody, impulsive and pompous. Their reputation for being wasteful of money reflects in the Chinese attitude that they make poor husbands. They may have the sincere wish to be good providers, but somehow they often don’t manage this as they are tempted by distractions. Rooster men also have the image for being flirts. Rooster women are considered good mothers and efficient housekeepers who are not overly dependent on, or demanding of, their husbands. Girls born under this sign are, generally, believed highly suitable as possible wives.

In marriage, a rooster person should choose a faithful ox, intellectual snake or achieving dragon partner. Less successful would be life with a rat, other rooster, or dog people. A rabbit would be worst of all. In a career, the rooster generally makes a bad diplomat, but a good actor. Rooster people work well alone in profession or business but are often not good at managing money. A good partner would be a dragon or tiger, but now a monkey who would probably take advantage of them.

Famous roosters include Errol Flynn, D. H. Lawrence, Jaqueline, Susann, Wagner, Kipling, Richelieu and Pope Paul VI.




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