Asia’s animal zodiac: 7. Dog & pig

Posted: 2014 年 05 月 26 日 in Asia horoscopes

Dog People (1922-1934-1946-1958-1970-1982-1994-2006-2018)

The characteristics of people born in dog years are generally admired by the Chinese. The dog person inspires confidence, is usually an introvert and dislikes crowds or social pleasures. They are born leaders: strong, loyal, reliable, honest, and extremely hardworking—all plus points for the industrious Chinese. Among their other good qualities are their highly developed sense for duty and justice, their discretion and modesty. They do tend to be pessimistic, but are not small-minded. As to their bad points, dog people may be selfish, stubborn, critical and sarcastic. They usually have little originality and a poor feeling for money. They are also emotional, sometimes erratic and are frequently cynical.

Dog men are not generally materialistic, but tend to be good providers due to their hard work and sense of duty. In partnership with a tiger person they do well, as they can fight every adversity together. If born during the day, a dog man is like to achieve more materially, than if born during the night when he is destined to work like a dog all his life without great success. A dog person also does well, either in business or marriage, with a horse, who will give the other a sense of security, or a rabbit with whom they are well matched. The strong tiger makes a good marriage partner for the faithful dog, but they should avoid the proud dragon and partnership of any kind with a goat person is generally disaster.

Women born under this sign are sometimes insecure or unambitious but, generally, make good and loyal wives and mothers. They also can do well in the professions. Dog people make good, but anxious parents and do best in the professions, law or medicine, philosophy or religion. They often emerge as leading politicians but, generally, are not artistic or creative.

Among well-known people are Somerset Maugham, Sophia Loren, Lenin, Socrates, Brigitte Bardot and Ralph Nader.

Pig People (1923-1935-1947-1959-1971-1983-1995-2007-2019)

People born in the year of the pig generally make a good impression on those they meet. They can be gentle, even shy, courteous and sincere. Although not renowned for their intelligence, they work hard and are eager to gain knowledge. They are naturally wise, brave, strong and loyal. They make very reliable friends and hate arguments. They are tenacious to the point of pigheadedness. On the other hand, they are generally impulsive, dogmatic and have quick tempers. Sometimes lazy and usually naïve, pig people are not generally ambitious or competitive in business and they have little idea how to handle money. These characteristics often lead to them being victimized by the unscrupulous as they can be gullible. Pig-year women are considered to make loyal wives and devoted mothers. They also have the reputation for being good hostesses. Pig-year men are likely to get fat, are often sensual and usually loyal to their wives, although their tendency towards impulsiveness can sometimes get them into trouble.

Marriage to a pig person is generally good. They are tender in love, and their quick tempers are balanced by their dislike of argument. Best partners are rabbit, goat, tiger or horse people, but never the snake who is a natural enemy of the pig and will attempt to enslave him.

The pig occupies an important place in folklore and legend, not only of China, but throughout Asia. Often, in mythology, it plays the role of benefactor, supplying man with food and other support. He is associated with agriculture, strength and loyalty.

Famous pig people include Noel Coward, Duke Ellington, Georges Pompidou, Dr. Albert Schweitzer, the founders of the Ford, Rothschild and Rockefeller financial empires, Henry VIII, Bismarck and Oliver Cromwell.




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