III. MV Shooting (TCGS)

Posted: 2014 年 06 月 06 日 in TCGS

From March 25th to May 20th, it was a privilege to teach 40 intelligent students at National Taichung Girls’ Senior High School (TCGS). Ben seized this opportunity to arrange a series of activities which may add some spice to their routine schedule. Specifically, four activities were involved—-alien invasion, lip sync, MV shooting, and singing.

III. MV shooting:

For most students, reading is a boring task because all they need to do is just “read.” Therefore, efficient teachers often mix the reading task into interactive activities. In my case, MV shooting is a way out.

To make an impressive music video, students have to fully understand the lyrics and the context of the song. Therefore, not only do they “read” carefully but also “think” logically because they have to arrange the events of their MV. Apart from the verbal part, they also learn non-verbally from facial expressions, body languages like postures or gestures, and so on. The best part of theMV shooting is the FUN.

For students of different levels, the target song can be as easy as a birthday song or as challenging as a piece of rap music. Leave it to your students. Have faith in them.

By the way, movie trailer shooting can be another choice. It works the same as MV shooting.

Self-made MV–Bad day (羽莛/滌華/維妮/昀頡/培瑜/礎安@TCGS)


Self-made MV–The man who can’t be moved (悅芳/珉/佳樺/佩柔/宛儒/郁儒@TCGS)




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