IV. Singing (TCGS)

Posted: 2014 年 06 月 06 日 in TCGS

From March 25th to May 20th, it was a privilege to teach 40 intelligent students at National Taichung Girls’ Senior High School (TCGS). Ben seized this opportunity to arrange a series of activities which may add some spice to their routine schedule. Specifically, four activities were involved—-alien invasion, lip sync, MV shooting, and singing.

IV. Singing:

Few people hate singing. Even the worst singers can sing a song because singing itself is fun.

Practically, students may have a hard time memorizing reading texts of a book, but they find it much easier to recite lyrics of songs. Therefore, incorporating singing into language learning is an effective strategy, particularly for underachievers. Specifically, teachers can start from easier songs to build their confidence until they are ready for the challenging ones. For advanced students, personally I would love to encourage them to sing faster songs, songs with extensive vocabularies, or even a piece of rap music.

Through singing, students not only learn some new words and repeated grammatical patterns, but also imitate the singer’s way of singing and speaking, which may help themselves to sound more native. Besides, as students listen to the songs, they do listening training unconsciously, too. Most importantly, they have fun because singing is interesting and the learning process is painless.

In my class, I often introduce two songs to advanced students.

1. The Mom Song


2. It wasn’t me (Be careful when introducing this song because of its “mature” lyrics, though the song is great for practicing diverse accents.)


Singing–Where is the love (凱琳/曼欣/沛儀/怡君/芝羽/采倪@TCGS)


Singing–Just a dream (玟瑾/昕儒/之綺/可微/語晴/函@TCGS)




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