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I. Alien Invasion (TCGS)

Posted: 2014 年 06 月 06 日 in TCGS

From March 25th to May 20th, it was a privilege to teach 40 intelligent students at National Taichung Girls’ Senior High School (TCGS). Ben seized this opportunity to arrange a series of activities which may add some spice to their routine schedule. Specifically, four activities were involved—-alien invasion, lip sync, MV shooting, and singing.

I. Alien invasion:

This activity comes from “Digital Debris,” which embodies language teaching, locative media, games and technology in ELT. The activity is actually named “INVADER” with an aim to infiltrate  a human community, and collect anthoropological reconnaissance data for the imminent full-scale invasion. Well goes the warning: “Do not, at any cost, alert the humans to your actions.”

Practically, teachers may apply this GPS-based game to your speaking-training course. If you are not familiar with locative media or have problem dealing with technology, just skip the GPS mapping task, get your students find a place to shoot a film. They will find a way out by themselves.

This game works wonders for students to practice describing objects or scenes. In this case, teachers may teach them a set of adjectives before the game so as to boost their performance. Somehow, this game arouses students’ creativity and intrinsic motivation, which goes a long way toward successful language learning.

Website of INVADER with a sample video.

Step-by-step instruction

Alien Invasion I (瓊儀/榆方/佳家/婉琳/絜茵/珮彣@TCGS)

Alien Invasion II. (育慈/幸檥/芳瑀/潔儀/彥淇/妤婷@TCGS)