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V. Oxymoron

  1. an audible stillness; traitorious truthfulness; honest thief; carefully careless; victorious defeat; sorrowful gladness; busy idleness; wise fool; friendly enemy; heavy lightness; cheerful pessimist; cruel kindness; tearful joy; orderly chaos; bitter-sweet memories; bad good news; dully bright; mercifully fatal; shine darkly; hasten slowly; love-hate relationship; deliciously aching; changelessly changing; jarring concord; living death; walking dead
  2. Would you have the cruel kindness to give me a quicker death?
  3. What she said is falsely true.
  4. She said it with her disagreeable laugh.
  5. He was restlessly tired, even as he lay in bed.
  6. Make haste slowly.
  7. He is a clever fool.
  8. Why, then, O bawling love! O loving hate!

O anything, of nothing first create!

O heavy lightness! Serious vanity!

9. Beautiful tyrant, fiend angelical,

Dove feather’s raven, wolfish-ravening lamb,

Despised substance of divinest show,

Just opposite to what thou justly seemest,

A damned saint, an honorable villain.

10. It (New York) has the poorest millionaires,

The little great men, the haughtiest beggars,

The plainest beauties, the lowest skyscrapers,

The dolefulest pleasures of any town I ever saw.

11. His honor rooted in dishonor stood

And faith unfaithful kept him falsely true.

VI. Imitation

  1. The door banged shut.
  2. The bees were buzzing among the flowers.
  3. He was puffing his cigar.
  4. My father’s voice boomed, “Don’t argue!”
  5. Down came his whip, and away we clattered.
  6. The tick-tack of the clock was heard.
  7. red with anger; green with envy; feel blue; turn white with fear; give someone a black eye; a heart of gold; The future looks grey; Speech is silver, silence is golden.
  8. They zigzagged up the mountain. They walked in zigzags.
  9. The players formed an O on the playground.
  10. He wears a T-shirt at times.

VII. Transferred epithet

  1. The indefatigable bell now sounded for the fourth time.
  2. Darrow had whispered, throwing a reassuring arm round my shoulder as we were waiting for the court to open.
  3. Darrow walked slowly round the baking court.
  4. This is not a cheerful sight.
  5. I enjoy the clean voluptuousness of the warm breeze on my skin and the cool support of the water.
  6. He passed many an anxious hour in the train.
  7. surprised silence; pitiful white smile; dizzy height; easy writer; sleepless bed; extreme and pathetic beauty; embarrassed delight; dreamy, gloomy, friendly trees



6. Oxymora

Posted: 2013 年 10 月 24 日 in Logology

Oxymora refer to a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction. For example, The word sophomoric is literally “a wise fool” because such a student hasn’t the complete foolishness of a freshman or the complete wisdom of a senior.

I. Single-word oxymora composed of antagonistic elements

  1. sophomores→ wise fools

  2. preposterous→ before-after

  3. pianoforte→ soft-loud

II. Single-word oxymora composed of independent morphemes

  1. bridegroom

  2. bittersweet

  3. ballpoint

III. Literal oxymora

  1. benign neglect

  2. elevated subway

  3. one-man band

  4. open secret

  5. original copy

  6. random order

  7. working vacation

IV. Pun-based oxymora

  1. jumbo shrimp

  2. even odds

  3. death benefit

V. Parts of speech

  1. press release

  2. divorce court

  3. building wrecking

VI. Dead metaphors

  1. awfully good

  2. damned good

  3. barely clothed

  4. clearly confusing

VII. Artful oxymora

  1. little giant

  2. same difference

  3. global village

  4. accidentally on purpose

VIII. Literary oxymora

  1. concord of this discord (Shakespeare)

  2. darkness visible (Milton)

  3. falsely true (Tennyson)

  4. fearful bravery (Shakespeare)

IX. Doublespeak oxymora

  1. mandatory option

  2. virtually spotless

X. Partisan oxymora

  1. business ethics

  2. nonworking mother

XI. Technological innovations

  1. paper tablecloths

  2. metalwood

  3. plastic glasses

  4. green blackboard

  5. plastic silverware

XII. Other oxymora

  1. almost safe

  2. artificial grass

  3. backside

  4. bigger half

  5. career gambler

  6. clean coal

  7. deciding not to decide

  8. final draft

  9. free with purchase

  10. historical fiction

  11. holy war

  12. modern classic

  13. numb feeling

  14. sight unseen

XIII. Oxymoronic statements

  1. Never say never.

  2. When you fall and break both your legs, don’t come running to me.

  3. If you don’t get this note, let me know immediately.

  4. I pride myself on my humility.